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Desert AIDS Project Expands Services, Looks Towards Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards Gala

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Palm Springs, CA -

The Desert AIDS Project has helped countless individuals who have been diagnosed with HIV and while that is their primary focus D.A.P. has added even more to their list of services.

"First and foremost our mission is to care for those living with HIV in this region of California and we will always be there for that community," said Desert AIDS Project CEO David Brinkman.

As the Desert Aids Project has made progress in caring for people living with HIV, it has allowed the organization to look at other illnesses like Hepatitis C. 

"This past year the Desert Aids Project opened up a Hepatitis center of excellence. This is an opportunity for us to take advantage of science and medicine," Brinkman said.

D.A.P. also has a broad group of social services which can greatly benefit those living with a serious illness. 

"Often times it impacts your income the most. And so housing, mental health, food social support, all those programs are important to providing holistic care," said Brinkman.

On Saturday night the Desert AIDS project will host the annual Steven Chase Humanitarian Awards. The gala will raise funds for the organizations many services. The silent auction will feature two hundred items including a donated 12 karat diamond bracelet. 

"We'll have celebrities on the red carpet and it will be what keeps us inspired, raising funds and most importantly caring for this community," Brinkman said.

At the gala on Saturday night, Music legend Barry Manilow will present the Partners For Life Award to honor the legacy of his friend Elizabeth Taylor. The award will be accepted by Miss Taylor's grandchildren.  

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