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Local Boy Battling Cancer Enjoys Dream Day

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Palm Desert, CA -

Battling cancer is hard, and it's even more difficult if you're only 11-years-old.
A Coachella Valley boy is now cancer-free, but it will still be a long road to recovery.

It's been a lot of really difficult days in a row for Javier Jacob "JJ" Luna and his entire family, but today was a good day thanks to the community.

"My son was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia on July 18th. It's been really hard to see him go through all that," said JJ's mother, Lorraine Garcia.

11-year-old JJ Luna is finally cancer-free, following four rounds of chemotherapy.

After more than half a year of fighting cancer, he's now learning how to fight crime as an honorary deputy at the Palm Desert Sheriff's Station.

"We've got JJ here who is a cancer patient, and we're going to let him be a deputy for the day," said Captain David Teets with the Riverside County Sheriff's Department, "I'm a cancer survivor myself, so it's especially meaningful for me to be able to do this."

JJ plans on wearing the uniform someday as he wants to be on a police SWAT team.

"He's beyond excited right now, he's all talking about it, what he's going to do, what he's going to wear, and this stuff, so it was really cute," said Lorraine.

The good day didn't end there as Caliber Collision and Allstate donated a vehicle to Lorraine, JJ and the other children.

"Restoring the rhythm of lives, that's our motto, so we just want to help the families, and obviously today was a great day, they loved it," said Brandon Mclain with Caliber Collision. 

"For the next five years every week or every two weeks to Loma Linda, so it's going to help us a lot," said Lorraine.

JJ is cruising in some really cool wheels these days, as he shows the courage that we see in those in uniform.

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