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9/11 Plotter Blasts Obama In Letter From Guantanamo

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MIAMI (AP) - The man who says he masterminded the Sept. 11 terrorist attack condemns President Barack Obama and the U.S. in a letter sent from the Guantanamo prison.

Khalid Shaikh Mohammad says the hijacking plot in 2001 was a "natural reaction" to years of U.S. policies that he says targeted the Muslim world. The letter addressed to Obama also says the ex-president has blood on his hands for the deaths of Palestinians in Gaza as well as those killed by U.S. drone attacks in Yemen and elsewhere.

Mohammad tried to send the letter in 2015 but the judge presiding over his war crimes trial blocked it at the request of prosecutors, who called it propaganda.

The judge allowed it to be sent just before Obama left office. Mohammad's lawyers released it Wednesday.

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