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Narcotics Task Force Raids Palm Springs Grow House

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The Coachella Valley Narcotics Task Force raided a rented Palm Springs home Tuesday after the owner discovered the house was being used as a marijuana growing operation.

"It's a tragic, tragic, tragic story. And it could happen to anybody that has a rental. It's that perfect combination of being retired, being a woman and not living close to your rental," said Brooke Gunther, the owner of the house.

Gunther tells us she rented the house to a woman and her male cousin. When she told the pair she was coming by for an inspection they said they changed the locks. Gunther told them it was against the lease agreement to do so and used a garage door clicker to gain access. That's when she found a huge marijuana growing operation. 

"I said, 'you need to get your marijuana out of my house.' And he said 'don't call the police. We'll take the marijuana out and we'll fix your house.' And I said, 'to late."

At around 9:00 A.M. the Coachella Valley Narcotics Task Force raided the home only to find that all of the marijuana plants had been taken out and the tenants were no where to be found. 

"We won't pursue charges. There is no evidence to bring charges against them at this time," said Sgt. William Hutchinson of the Palm Springs Police Department. 

Gunther said the house is completely destroyed. Mold is growing in the home, and both the walls and the flooring need to be replaced. The cost of the repairs have reached $146,000 dollars. 

"This is probably one of the worst things that has ever happened to me in my life. I have never, ever had to face this," said Gunther. 


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