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Dozens Ticketed as Indio Police Enforce Pedestrian Safety Laws

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Indio, CA -

Indio police issued dozens of tickets Monday as part of an increased effort to enforce pedestrian safety laws. Officers issued 44 citations to pedestrians for failing to yield the right of way to a vehicle on the roadway. They also ticketed four drivers who failed to yield to a pedestrian that was in a crosswalk.

Barbara Chamberlain says crossing the street in her wheelchair is not easy, "It's dangerous it really is," adding she's recently had a close call,
"it was right there ... I could have been run over."

And she's not alone. The Indio Police Department says pedestrian accidents in the city are on the rise. In the last three years, there have been 50 car accidents involving pedestrians, 8 of them deadly. That's why all day Monday extra officers were out cracking down on drivers and pedestrians. 

"Last year in the valley we had some pretty high numbers for pedestrian fatalities so we're just trying to get that word out and do some enforcement making sure that people are aware of the pedestrians and treating them safely also pedestrians crossing only at crosswalks and at controlled intersections," says Sergeant Dan Marshall with the Indio Police Department. 

The problem is distracted drivers and pedestrians who don't follow the rules.

Chamberlain says speeding is also an issue on her route, "I mean why don't you just slow down and wait a minute, you know you don't have to be that fast."

Carmen Duran, who lives in Indio, says she sees a lot of pedestrians putting themselves at risk, "A lot of people cross there (on Monroe St.) illegal you know from one side to the other side ... people walk right down the middle of the road."

Chamberlain says drivers and pedestrians must do better, "Always follow the rules ... it's not worth your life ... it's not, it's not worth taking someone's life either."

The extra enforcement was paid with a state grant through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The state's pedestrian fatalities are 15 percent higher than the national average.

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