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KMIR Sports Athlete of the Week: Julia Ferrara

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La Quinta, CA -

Every week, we let you decide our My Thai Athlete of the Week with an online poll because high school sports represent so much more than the stats in a box score. And as we see that from, Julia Ferrara. A top wrestler at La Quinta High School, who won the fan vote after earning MVP honors at the Bonita Top Gun Girls Tournament, who demonstrates that toughness and tenderness are a great combination. 

Ferrara, after running into the Blackhawks' gym, hair wet after conditioning practice, discussed her MVP trophy.

"After I pinned my finals match, it was a very easy tournament, so the first place wasn't really important, I wanted something better," says a resolute Ferrara. "I wanted the MVP," she says after some thought.

"And you got it," the reporter said.

"I did," Ferrara answers with a smile. "I actually almost cried, because I thought I didn't get it, but I did," then Ferrara pauses.

"Actually I didn't cry, I just shed a tear, I don't cry." 

She says there's a reason for that.  

"My mom has 5 kids and I'm the youngest... Growing up I always got beat up by my older brothers and they wrestled, so it shaped me... I'm a tough person."

And so wrestling is the perfect sport for her. 

"I think it's the toughest sport that exists because it's so mentally and physically challenging... It's really tough..." Ferrara says with a smile, enjoying the discussion of the sport's challenges. 

One of the biggest challenges: being a girl in this tough sport. 

"Oh I think it's amazing, I think it's an awesome opportunity, it opens doors and its a new mindset for you," Ferrara says. "You see the sport and it's so tough and when you do the sport [wrestling]... Other things seem so much easier."

But some things aren't that easy for Ferrara, like answering our basic "Athlete Of The Week" questions, such as "Favorite Vacation Destination?" 

"That's a very hard question," the senior volleyed back. "I thought you weren't asking hard questions."

Or favorite movie? 

"That's another hard question," she paused. "I don't know... There's so many great movies." 
But after a little thought, while the answer was tough to come by, it was a choice that showcased this athlete's tender side. 

"The notebook is a really cute movie," Ferrara says seriously. "Its a good romantic movie." 

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