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Rubber Ducky Video Taken In Palm Springs Goes Viral

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It certainly isn't your typical Palm Springs scene. A man casually riding down the a rubber duck float. Even more surprising is the response he has received since we first showed the video on KMIR News.

It started with a Canadian couple who came to Palm Springs for some fun in the sun.

"I came down to do a little golfing and enjoy the sunshine and get away from the rain," said William McKenzie. 

But when they got to the desert, it was as if they never left Vancouver. The rain took over their vacation. Meanwhile, back home in Canada, friends of the couple were checking social media to see how their trip was going. 

"They were all expecting pictures of me at the golf course and you know doing all these California sunshine things," said McKenzie.

But what he posted instead was a video of himself floating down a river of a rain water on a giant rubber ducky in Palm Springs. 

"Started doing some runs down the front here. There's a two block, three block stretch where the river was running pretty good yesterday. So I don't have snow to ride on so I was able to ride the duck," said McKenzie.

Shortly after we aired the video in our regular broadcast, it went viral and has since garnered more than four million views on Facebook.

"I didn't expect that at all. Obviously it was just something that looked like fun to do and then have a go at it and just put it on your Facebook for your friends to get a kick out of," said McKenzie.

One woman saw the video on Facebook and thought the area looked familiar.

"It took me a minute or two to figure out it was in front of my house. And I wanted then to buy myself a ducky," said Palm Springs resident Denise Blotter. 


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