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Ross Becker - News Director

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     From the San Fernando and Northridge earthquakes, to the L.A riots, the Malibu fires, and the O.J. Simpson trial.  Ross Becker has covered recent history’s biggest news stories. He has 15 Emmy nominations and four Emmy awards, proving he knows how to find and report the story.

He began his career in his hometown of Green Bay, Wisconsin and remains an avid Packer fan.  Becker moved on to Indianapolis and then Los Angeles as one of the youngest reporters to work in the nations number two TV market.  He spent ten years working for KCBS and then became the main anchor at KCOP. 

Becker left the TV News business in the mid 90’s and became a broadcast station owner.  He was President and CEO of BASIX Communications which owned three radio stations near Louisville, Kentucky.  During this time, Becker was also hired as a freelance reporter to conduct the first interview with O.J. Simpson after the criminal trial. 

Becker returned to TV as an anchor and correspondent for MSNBC right after the attack on 9/11.  He also served as anchor for KNBC, ABC14 in Las Vegas and ABC4 in Salt Lake City.

The past 7 years Becker has been a primary news anchor at KUSI-TV in San Diego

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