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Marijuana Growing Facility Proposed In Cathedral City

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Cathedral City, CA -

A proposed medical marijuana growing facility is being proposed near the auto center in Cathedral City and car dealership owners are not happy about it.

"We have a cannabis operator that is looking at private property that's located behind the Volkswagen dealership along East Palm Canyon Drive," said Cathedral City Communications Manager Chris Parman.

The proposed pot growing operation would include a pair of two story buildings with approximately 56,000 thousand square feet of space. 

"All of this is still pretty much speculation, kind of the initial phase of this. they could always change their mind and not go through with the proposal," Parman said.

While the Cathedral City Auto Association said they are not opposed to the business model, they are opposed to the construction of the facility right next door to their own businesses.

"I think this is a bad place to do it. We're trying to run a business here and we just don't know what to expect. with all the raw ground I can't understand why they would want to build it close to dealerships," said Allen Holzhauer, owner of Volkswagen of Palm Springs. 

The association said the proximity of a marijuana facility could put them in violation of their franchise agreement with the car companies who provide them cars to sell. They are also concerned about the stigma of trying to sell cars next to a marijuana growing operation. 

"I guarantee I would not have bought here or built here had I known this was happening," said Holzhauer.

The dealerships also says the facility could effect the brand they are trying to sell.   

"We don't want it associated with our car dealership...we don't people [saying], 'go by the Subaru dealership and go to the pot facility around the corner and go get your pot right around by the Subaru facility' so we don't want our brand associated with that," said Larry Knowlton, service manager at Palm Springs Subaru.  

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