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John Benoit Laid To Rest

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La Quinta, CA -

After losing his battle with pancreatic cancer, Riverside County Supervisor John Benoit was laid to rest Tuesday at the Coachella Valley Cemetery.

"It was a wonderful ceremony. John was a wonderful guy, had so many people that he was connected to in the community, so much love and so much outreach he's done over the years that it's just a tremendous outpouring of support and love and just some great testimonies and a fitting goodbye," said Brian Nestande, Deputy CEO of Riverside County.

Hundreds of people attended the funeral service. Speakers included Benoit's brother, son and daughter along with many of his colleagues.

"It's a huge lost first for the Coachella Valley. John so dearly loved the Coachella Valley and being able to do so many things for the Coachella Valley... especially those in need," said John Tavaglione, vice chairman of the Riverside County board of Supervisors' second district. 

"He understood the diversity of the Coachella Valley and the many different groups and demographics of the fourth district and he cared about serving each and every one of them," said third district Riverside County supervisor Chuck Washington.

Benoit spent his entire adult life in public service beginning with the Corona Police Department. Benoit later spent 30 years with the California Highway Patrol and moved to the desert when he was promoted to commander of the CHP Indio Station.

"He was a great leader, he was engaged, he was always at our briefings, always out there and he was a perfect role model for what public service was," said  Cpt. Laura Quattelebaum, California Highway Patrol Indio Station.

He worked with the Desert Sands Unified School District before entering politics. He was elected to the state legislature and then elected again to the state senate. After late Riverside County supervisor Ray Wilson stepped down from his post for health reasons, he endorsed Benoit as his successor. Following Wilson's endorsement, Benoit was appointed to the Riverside County Board of Supervisors where he was best known for his work with low income families in the east valley.  

"It's going to take big shoes to fill his shoes. He was a great man," said Palm Springs Council member Ginny Foat. 

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