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Family of Suspected Drunk Driving Crash Victims Speak with KMIR News

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Indio, CA -

A woman is still clinging to life after the deadly crash caused by a suspected drunk driver. 14 people were hurt. A few days later, a teenage boy died from his injuries. His mother and another family member remain in the hospital.
"It was a really big shock,"said Vanessa Valladolid, cousin of the crash victims. "They were going to visit me that same day that I had gotten a call they were in the hospital."
KMIR News sat down with Valladolid, she told us that her family members were taken to 3 hospitals after the crash.
"And then getting to the hospital and seeing them hooked up to the wires, it was pretty traumatizing, continued Valladolid.
A picture was taken on Tony's 14th birthday, just 6 days before the crash.
"He had most brain injuries and he was brain dead almost immediately," said Valladolid.
Tony died on Tuesday and some of his family are still in the hospital. 
"I still have two family members in the hospital, said Valladolid. "One is in rehab, the other is in very, very critical condition. If something goes wrong though, she's basically gone."
Police say Juan Gomez was drunk driving when he caused the crash. Valladolid says she's mad that he got behind the wheel that night.
"Very, very angry that this one person could cause a total of 14 people, 8 of them my family so much damage," shared said Valladolid. "The fact he took away my cousin, honestly, its more of an anger type of thing."
Letty, the mother of 14-year-old Tony, remains in the hospital.  Her co-workers are raising money at Food 4 Less stores in the valley to help with her medical expenses.
 A GoFundMe account has also been set up to help the family pay medical bills. CLICK HERE for that account.

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