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Local High School Students Raise Funds for Fifteen Year Old Teen's Funeral Expenses

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Indio, CA -

"I wish she would have given me a call that night," said Angel Medina.

Just beyond the gates of Indio High School, a car wash was held for a student who is now gone, but not forgotten.

"She knew a lot of people, she made a lot of people smile with her beautiful smile," Kimberly Arronize, an Indio High School. "We just miss her a lot and wish that we would have known sooner and she still would have been with us."

Liz Castro Leon fell from the Jefferson overpass onto the 10 freeway on Wednesday. The circumstances around her death remain unconfirmed, her friends are struggling to understand.

"There were many warning signs," said Luis Chavez, a Shadow Hills High School student.  "It is just shocking because I would never have expected it from her; I never thought she would do something like this."

KMIR News spoke with some of Liz's cousins, who are still reeling from the loss.

"She was bright. She was lovable." said Adrian Rocha, Liz's cousin.

"Our last memory was a beautiful memory," Angel Medina recalled. Medina is also a cousin of Liz. "We were up at the spa just looking at the city lights, laughing and joking. Just beautiful."

A steady line of cars streamed into the car wash as drivers showed support and made donations for Liz's funeral expenses.

"To see a lot of people to have sympathy for someone, you know, to see a lot of people come out and support them because not a lot of people are like that, " said Indio resident Damien Chaidez.

Despite the pain many are feeling, Liz's loved ones say she would want them to "live in her name."

"We're doing this for her and do it proud," said Rocha.

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