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Northern California Storms Could Help Valley Water Supply

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Coachella Valley Region -

Several storms are expected to hit the state and bring a lot of rain. 

Meteorologist Ginger Jeffries says the first storm will hit this weekend and it will also bring lots of snow, "There's a lot of moisture that's feeding in called the Pineapple Express from Hawaii but then there's a lot of cold air that's plunging down from the Gulf of Alaska when those two things combine well clearly you get a lot of snow they just picked up about six to eight inches of snow last week and now they're going to put about about three to six feet on top of that so this is a good start to an already wet winter."

And while the desert won't see a bulk of the storms, the Coachella Valley Water District says the desert will benefit from the much needed rain and snow.

"Water that's available in Northern California results in an allocation to us here in Southern California so a very, very dry winter would mean we wouldn't get the water supply that we're normally allotted a nice wet winter means that we will get supplies that we import from other areas," says Katie Evans, CVWD's conservation manager.  

Thirty percent of the state's water comes from the snowpack which recently measured below average and experts say a few storms won't take California out of a multi-year drought but it's a good start.

"A lot of us are really optimistic we know there's a lot of weather happening in Northern California and we're hopeful that will result in a heavy snowpack which is great for our water supply throughout the year, with that being said we're still preparing, we're still in an emergency drought situation as declared by the governor." says Evans. 

The State Water Resources Control Board recently removed the valley's water cutback mandates.

"We have enough supply to meet our demands during the next three years if the next three years are extremely dry," says Evans adding water waste fines are still in place and the state has made those permanent laws. 

The goal: Californians change their relationship with water.

"Conservation needs to be apart of the way we think going forward it needs to be a long term effort there needs to be permanent change," says Evans. 

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