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Cannabis Complex Planned for Coachella

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Another city in the Coachella Valley is going green, and we don't mean green energy.

Desert Hot Springs is anticipating a medical marijuana boom, and now Coachella is in the approval phase for a large, first-of-its-kind cannabis complex.

Here in the valley, Coachella recently drew up plans to allow large-scale medical marijuana grows.
The first hopes to open, in November.

This is just a day after we learned that California voters will get the option to decide -- again-- whether they want to legalize recreational use of marijuana.

Coachella is already a popular name between the city, the music festival and soon to be a brand of cannabis.

"With the approval of Coachella, we intend to build a six-acre, cannabis industrial complex, the first of it's kind in California," said Justin Beck, CEO of Cultivation Technologies, Inc.

Cultivation Technologies, Inc., or CTI, purchased an old auto junkyard, is clearing it up, and will be building a complex ready to open by November.

"Our production facilities are something that separate us. We're talking about gas tight enclosures, we've eliminated the use of pesticides, we have the FDA advisor to National Institute of Health designed our testing lab," said Beck.

They will have about nine tenants cultivating more than 30,000 pounds of cannabis a year.

The city of Coachella recently zoned an area filled with wrecking yards for marijuana cultivation and distribution.

"One of the goals that the council had was to renovate a very blighted influence and get rid of it, which is happening, and then to augment the revenue which looks like it's going to be very positive," said Coachella city manager, David Garcia.

"We estimate that fees to the city will exceed five million dollars in the first 12 months of operations," said Beck.

CTI'S slogan is "we help you grow," and the city is looking at how it can help it grow too.

"We are planning to put a ballot measure on the November ballot which authorizes a tax structure for medical marijuana," said Garcia.

If voters across the state decide to legalize marijuana, they say that's all good too.

"Anything with adult use of marijuana is just going to increase our demand so it's going to be good fore everybody in the industry," said Beck.

Garcia says city staff is recommending the council approve plans.

They'll vote in July, and CTI hopes to begin working on the site right afterward.

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