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Dust Devil Wreaks Havoc in Downtown Palm Springs

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Courtesy: George 'Bumper' Prather Courtesy: George 'Bumper' Prather
PALM SPRINGS -- A dust devil wreaks havoc on the vintage market in downtown Palm Springs Sunday afternoon.

It caused damage, but no injuries.

KMIR viewers George 'Bumper' Prather and Mark Biggs sent us video of the "dust-nado." 

It happened around 2:00pm at the Palm Springs Vintage Market on Indian Canyon Drive near Alejo Road.

Several vendors lost merchandise and there was some damage to cars and property, but thankfully no injuries reported.

The organizer of the Vintage Market tells us it lasted about two minutes, and stayed windy as they closed up Sunday afternoon.

This was actually the last Vintage Market of the season, they will resume in October.

Meteorologist Geoff Fox says this is a dust devil, in many ways like a very weak tornado except it forms under different conditions than tornados -- instead of thunderstorms, dust devils form under sunny skies.

A product of the sunshine heating the air down at ground level, the air rises and as the circulation becomes smaller the rotation of air becomes faster, creating this dust-devil.
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