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Jennifer McVey - HYPNOSIS

Jennifer McVey, CHT.  appears regularly on KMIR Today to discuss and demonstrate Hypnosis. 

Change your mind and you change your life.
You are important, powerful and valuable. You create your life.

Hypnosis accesses the part of your mind that controls your emotions, behaviors and body. You are truly the master of your life. By working with the part of mind that brings your manifestations into fruition [it] makes everything in your world flow smoother, easier and simpler than you have ever imagined. Your mind is amazing; Isn't it time you utilized all aspects of it?

It's your MIND... Anything that you can imagine you can change, fix and create. Anything. Hypnotherapy is best known for eliminating habits, changing behavior, soothing your emotions, helping your body, stopping negative patterns and replacing them with positive ones, and improving the quality of life [all aspects].
Spiritual Answers and Solutions .com offers self hypnosis classes and seminars, hypnosis and meditation downloads; spiritual healing (using the Light of your Spirit) for your body, mind and soul; spiritual guidance and channeling your Higher Self, inner children, past lives, and spirit guides; and personalized coaching sessions and programs. We offer free classes and downloads through Living LightlyMonthlyNewsletter.

Jennifer takes appointments in her office in Palm Springs and by phone. 760-416-0450 
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