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  • Local Coachella Wristband Brawl

    Local Coachella Wristband Brawl

    A large brawl broke out at a local Coachella ticket sale event in Indian Wells today. Festival security were called to a number of "crowd control" situations involving fans who were involved in altercations. One of these brawls were caught on camera as you can see a large number of people surging, crushing fans along a fence.

  • Animal Samaritans on KMIR Today

    Animal Samaritans on KMIR Today

    Animal Samaritans stopped by the KMIR studios to introduce us to one of their newest kittens. Can you give Grayson a loving home? Call Animal Samaritans or visit today to adopt!

  • 2016 Tax Deadline Info

    2016 Tax Deadline Info

    The 2016 Tax deadline is here. Patrick Price explains when you need to have your taxes completed by and give us a few "Tax Day" deals which might make hitting that deadline a little sweeter.

  • KMIR Today Open and Debut

    KMIR Today Open and Debut

    Wake up your day with KMIR Today! Thalia Hayden, Patrick Price, and Bryan Gallo have the latest Breaking news, weather, traffic, and headlines from the Coachella Valley and beyond. Watch KMIR Today weekdays from 5-7am and at 11:00am. Follow us on Facebook at @KMIRNews!

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